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Can't I sleep just a few more minutes..?"

Thank You Senator Byrd
MUSEE MECANIQUE (off sight link)
Coming Soon, the eviction of Musee mecanique. See it now in it’s old home at San Francisco’s Cliff House.

Wild Post•Sunflower Bud, Sunflower

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Occasionally Fun to ride , but when you get off, you are right back where you started.

Terrorist Profiler
makes identifying potential terrorists easy by providing comparative data on well known terrorists ...

Capitalism killed Democracy
Statue torn from concrete home in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Some one builds from the rubble. Some one adds a postal sticker. Some one takes a picture.

Mystery Fair

Oddly desturbing San Francisco Fair. Not one smiling face.


"I offer a modest solution: Find the cracks in the wall. There are a very few lunatic entrepreneurs who will understand that culture and design are not about fatter wallets, but about creating a future. They will understand that wealth is a means, not an end. Under other circumstances they may have turned out to be like you, creative lunatics. Believe me, they're there and when you find them, treat them well and use their money to change the world."

Tibor Kalman,
New York, June 1998
never give up
Sticker sets for Sale. Fire or water sets sent any where for practally nothing...

step-by-step instructions in creating TIME CAPSULES : "What you should do is get a box for a month and drop everything in it, and at the end of the month lock it up. Then date it and send it over to Jersey. You should try to keep track of it, but if you can t and you lose it, that s fine, because it s one less thing to think about, another load off your mind."

"THE Philosophy of Andy Warhol" (1975)

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It is amazing how many do not vote

San Francisco Street Music

the past exists only in my imagination; imagine hate, imagine love, imagine life.

War is always here. My father told me about mass killing of defenseless enemies; a passing moment in the fit of war where only the few empathetic future fathers and the enemy suffer. His generation suffered physically, my generation suffered empathy and the war goes on. Undeclared. The box tells me “They represent evil and war”. The next generation plays war games through the box. They make the weapons of destruction; pay for them, but the deaths seem pale on the box. The war goes on...

The Black Box
1928 Telegraph Ave
downtown Oakland bet 19 & 20 St next to Sears.
1 block from 19 St. BART

i am currently working on a presentation with the school of arts and in interviewing professors of art (visual, moving image, written works), and philosophy (aesthetics), it has become very clear that art is not dead, but the perception of art as a dead medium comes from an inactive mind that does not delve into the art made outside the mainstream. pop art and museum art do not represent the larger community of artists throughtout the world. if you really want to see new, living works, then visit the alternative spaces, websites, group shows in unusual venues - buy art from the large group of unknown artists because you connect with the pieces, not because there is a value to be later extracted from an investment.

the webspaces alone broaden the universe of art. akin to the scope of a gallilean telescope versus the hubble, the distance and landscape of the artworld has opened up, expanded, taken on a new dimension that marries the conceptual with the visual, motion over time, sonic investigations and user interactivity. how can anyone say art is dead when it is alive, expanding and evolving?
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